Sunday, December 22, 2013

Musical Santa Table for One

Santa is a man of many talents - today, he is musical.
Over view of the table

Our inspiration Santa

The place setting

Pat's latest addition to our flatware collection goes perfectly with Lenox's "Holiday"

The charger is Burgundy "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa

Candle holders come from "the brass section"

The Grand Piano music box belonged to our Grandmother

One last look
Where it came from:
Charger - Burgundy "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa from eBay
Dishware - "Holiday" by Lenox from our Mother
Flatware - "Sofia" Argent by the Hampton Forge Co from Tuesday Morning
Ivory Napkin - from Tuesday Morning
Horn Candle Holders - from "Cuddly Bear" - a local boutique store
Red Stemmed Goblet - Pier 1 several years ago
Champagne Flute - "Bubbles" by Maxwell Williams from Tuesday Morning
Grand Piano Music Box - family heirloom
Santa, Tree, Ornaments - Michael's

We will be joining Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" Wednesday:

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  1. This is so classical...get it, music, classical? Oh my, I'm losing my mind! This really is an elegant setting for a wonderful Musical Santa. Love your Grandmother's music box! Sweet touch!