Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lunch With Ingrid

Like many fellow tablescapers, I am a devotee of eBay. I love to check it out. I love to shop on it. And I have found some tremendous buys (and some not so great, if I am honest.) Well, the other day, I won two very hard to find salad plates in the "Ingrid" pattern by Bordallo Pinheiro at a great price. Well, I then received a very apologetic email saying one of the plates had a chip and that I would get my money back for the entire purchase......I quickly emailed back and said I would take the chipped plate with the other one - no problem since it was for our Table For One Blog. The seller mailed me four accent plates in that pattern for my trouble at no additional cost. Was I in plate heaven!!!!! I can't say enough.

So here's the table using one of my favorite Bordallo patterns:
The table - mostly white with just the right amount of pink

The flatware is ceramic handled "Primary" by Noritake

The "Ingrid" pattern is gorgeous - very detailed and highly glazed

A staple in our "tablescaping" cupboard - the charger is from Maryland China Company

Glasses are from Portieux (a gift from our very generous Cousin who also loves dishes)

Our Mom used this individual soup tureen 

I love the detail on the vintage luncheon napkin

Where it came from:
White Charger - Maryland China Company (mail order)
Dinner Plate - "Ingrid" by Bordallo Pinheiro (a gift from our cousin)
Salad Plate - "Ingrid" by Bordallo Pinheiro from eBay
Flatware - "Primary" by Noritake from Replacements
Glassware - White Portieux from our Cousin
White Bread/Butter Plate - Fiesta by Homer Laughlin from Replacements
White Soup Bowl - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Milk Glass Candle Holders and Plate Liners - from our collection
Small Soup Tureen - from our Mother
Salt and Pepper Cellars - from Maryland China Company

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Bee Table for One

A few years ago, I found a plate at the Discovery Shop (the Cancer Society's Thrift Store) that I just had to have. I don't know why - I just fell in love with it. I brought it home thinking how pretty it would look on a table. And then it sat on a shelf. Well, Pat pulled it out yesterday and decided to use it. Here is what she came up with:

Pat chose gold flatware to bring out the gold in the accent plate

Pat wrapped this gold beaded napkin around a black napkin

Silk roses - although Pat grows gorgeous roses....well, used to grow....before the drought, 

Part of our black Depressionware collection that was given to us by our wonderful cousin

Where it came from:
Gold Charger - "Charge It!" by Jay from Tuesday Morning
Black Dinner Plate - "Fun Factory" by Waechtersbach from Replacements
Bee Accent Plate - by "Tim Coffey" of CreativeCo-Op from the Discovery Shop
Flatware - Unknown pattern by F.B. Rogers from eBay
Glassware - from Pier 1 years ago
Napkins - from Pier 1
Bee Napkin Ring - from the Ferndale Emporium (one of our favorite local boutiques)
Black Depressionware - a gift from our dishaholic cousin
Black Square Salt/Pepper Cellars - from World Market
Small Spoons - from Maryland China Company (mail order)
Candles and Silk Roses - Michael's

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Senior Prom" Table for One

As I said in our other tablescaping blog this week, I live exactly three blocks from the local high school. However, exactly three blocks in the other direction (same street) is the local Senior Center where all kinds of activities take place for people of my age. The "Senior Prom"  dance is one. Pat set the Table for One this week in honor of the yearly seniors' prom that takes place around the same time as the local high school's prom. ("Senior" - Funny how one word can have such a different meaning....)
The table

The dish pattern is "Canton" by Royal Doulton

Pat used gold flatware to bring out the gold band on the plates

My favorite Depressionware glass pattern - "American Sweetheart" by MacBeth Evans

The color is actually a soft pink - charger is "Color Sprectrum" by Mikasa

Instead of a traditional napkin ring, a string of pearls was wrapped around the napkin (to match the pearl necklace on the figurine.)

These figurines are from our Mother - the are part of the Richard Simmon's Annie Wahl Dolls that he produced years ago

The detail in each figurine/doll in amazing

One last look

Where it came from:
Dinnerware - "Canton" by Royal Doulton from eBay
Pink Glassware - assorted Depressionware from our collection
Pink Glass Sherbet - "American Sweetheart" by MacBeth-Evans Glass from eBay
Flatware - pattern unknown
Figurines - from the Richard Simmons collection of Annie Wahl dolls (our Mother's)
Pearls, Silk Flowers, Candles - from Michael's
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thinking of Mom Table for One

Our Mom was a collector - she collected all sorts of things. One of the most cherished memories of Mom is her walls and walls of plates (Dad didn't quite have the same "feelings" but was a trouper and put up with them ). Everywhere you looked in the house, the walls were covered with plates. She especially loved Norman Rockwell plates. So, Pat went looking through the stacks and stacks of Mom's plates and found one that reminded her of our Mother. Here's to you, Mom....
The table

The inspiration Norman Rockwell plate

Pat found this vintage napkin and thought it was perfect for the table

The luncheon plate is "Lapis" Fiesta by Homer Laughlin

Pat took her cue for this plate from the napkin - "Sunflower" Fiesta

The charger is "Periwinkle" Fiesta

I made real lemonade - I know it doesn't look like it, but it's real..... 

Where it came from:
Placemat - from Pier 1
Assorted Fiesta Dinnerware - from Macy's, eBay, and Replacements
Napkin - from our collection
Napkin Ring - simple PVC pipe cut into 1" rounds and spray painted white
Flatware - "Silver Tear" by Gourmet Settings from TJMaxx

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