Sunday, April 26, 2015

Girls Night Out Challenge

Of course, Pat had to be a little "different" with her interpretation of the "Girls Night Out" challenge from Cuisine Kathleen. She thought it would be fun to have a teen slumber night out for the girls. Here's what she came up with:
The table was set for two

The place setting 

Flatware is inexpensive stainless from Libby

The accent plates are part of a set from Pottery Barn years ago

The Dinner Plate is actually a White Fiesta Luncheon Plate by Homer Laughlin

The "charger" is a Scarlett Fiesta Dinner Plate

I bought these white tumblers years ago at Pier 1. The ceramic milk bottle is from TJMaxx.

An ice cream sundae is a "must" at a sleep-over

Where it came from:
Soccer Ball Accent Plates - "Game Plan" from Pottery Barn found on eBay
Other Dinnerware - Fiesta by Homer Laughlin from Macy's and Replacements (the bread and butter plates)
Flatware - pattern unknown by Libby from the Grocery Outlet Store years ago
White Tumblers - from Pier 1 years ago
Red Checkered Napkins - from Pier 1
White Napkin Rings - handmade from PVC pipe cut into 1" rounds and spray painted white
Frosted Sundae Dishes - from the Cancer Society's Thrift Shop
Ceramic Milk Carton - from TJMaxx

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Batter Up! Table for One

It's baseball season - that means that some normally sane and sound people in my family become wildly obsessed for the next few months. Family events can run smoothly or become highly charged depending on the baseball stats for that week. Me? I just go with the flow....I remember the "old days" when baseball was just great fun - no steroids, no strikes, no "big money deals." And you could buy a beer and a hot dog at your seat even after the seventh inning stretch. Candlestick Park chilled you to the bones - the wind was so bad that it took your breath away....ah, great fun and great memories!!!
Over view of the table

The place setting

Flatware is "Pure" from Gourmet Settings

Dinnerware is "Baseball" by Homer Laughlin

The charger is Burgundy "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa

The "vase" is a beer mug

My personal baseball "hero" - Dave Dravecky. What a story.......what an inspiration. Check out his homepage: Here

Where it came from:
Charger - "Burgundy" Color Spectrum by Mikasa from Replacements
Flatware - "Pure" by Gourmet Settings from Amazon
Dinnerware - "Baseball" by Homer Laughlin from eBay
Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Glassware - from the Dollar Store
Baseball Bats - a gift from Pat's daughter (see, Jennifer, I didn't tell anyone about the baseball field that your very sweet but slightly wacky husband built in the front yard of your gorgeous home.....complete with scoreboard and, I wouldn't tell anyone)
Assorted Balls - Target

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pink and Gray Table for One

If you read our other blog, you already know that Pat is out of town, but before she left, she "whipped together" a table for this week.
The table

Flatware is "Baroque" silverplate by Godinger Silver

The pink dishware is inexpensive "Home Collection" from JCPenney - we've been looking for a good "pink" to add to our collection for a long time, but this one is not quite right either

The white ironstone plate is "Madeline" from Pier 1

I found these beautiful charcoal gray chargers from Christofle on eBay

Pat used glitzy glassware to match the flatware glitz

The "vase" is actually a sterling silver champagne coaster

Where it came from:
Gray Charger - "Faience Gray" by Christofle from eBay
Dinnerware - "Home Collection" by JCPenney
White Accent Plate - "Madeline" Ironstone from Pier 1
Flatware - "Baroque" by Godinger from Horchow
Glassware - "Lady Diamond" by Cristal D'Arques from Ross years ago
Champagne Trumpet Glass - "Selection" by Cristal D'Arques from Ross Dress For Less
Silver Napkin Ring and Crystal Candle Holder - from Art & Old Things (our favorite antique store) in Fortuna, CA
Pink Napkin - Handmade by Pat
Silver Overlay Napkin - from Pier 1 two years ago
Silver Champagne Holder (Vase) - from our collection
Crystal Salt/Pepper Shakers - from our collection

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Remembering The Little Round Table

We just learned of the passing of a very creative and talented Tablescape designer - all of us Fiesta dinnerware lovers have so much to be grateful for after viewing Candy's blog "The Little Round Table" (Here) over the past few years. Needless to say, she was our "Fiesta inspiration." Neither Pat nor I owned a piece of Fiesta until we found Candy's blog. Yes, we had dozens and dozens of other sets of dishes - but not a piece of Fiesta in sight. Now - much to the entire family's dismay, between us, we own 28 different sets in assorted colors. And Pat's daughter has developed the Fiesta "disease" owning a couple dozen different colors. What fun!!! And with Candy's examples, we have set hundreds of colorful, fun, and unique tables.

Candy often used her extensive collection of tablecloths as her inspiration. So, Pat pulled out a bright and cheery placemat and designed our table around it to remember a truly gifted tablescaper.
The table - definitely not a table for the faint of heart

This is the bright and colorful placemat that Pat chose for her starting point
The place setting - as you can see, Pat used several different colors, but with Fiesta, they all blend together well.

Flatware is "Musee" by Reed & Barton

What could be brighter than a Marigold colored flowered napkin ring holding a shocking pink and a bright orange napkin?

The bowl is a Shamrock green color

Not a good picture, the luncheon plate is in the new Lapis color

Lemongrass dinner plate

This is actually a pretty Periwinkle Blue color - sorry, the picture does not show it off well

Marigold Bread and Butter Plate

Our newest color - Poppy cup and saucer

These light blue glasses are from Pier 1

Turquoise color Jam jar and sugar and creamer set

This tiny rose colored pitcher is a gift from my niece

"Keep Calm and Call if Fiesta - not Fiestaware." Yes, Candy, I will try to remember...... and Thank you for sharing so much talent. You will be missed.

Where it came from:
Placemat - Tuesday Morning several years ago
Flatware - "Musee" by Reed & Barton from Horchow's
Glassware - from Pier 1 years ago
Fiesta Dinnerware - by Homer Laughlin from Macy's, Kohl's, Replacements, eBay, and gifts
Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Napkin Ring - Handmade
Candle Holders - from Tuesday Morning
Candles and Silk Roses - from Michael's

We will be joining Susan for "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: