Monday, July 15, 2013

Breakfast with Carl Schumann

Pat wanted to use this fragile breakfast set that I have for this week's table.  It is by the Carl Schumann Porcelain Company. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the particular pattern. It is not listed in Replacements, Ltd China Identification Guide 4, and I have not been able to find out anything about it. But I like it anyway......
Over view of the table. The dishware has a gorgeous mint green and gold rim with white center.

The place setting - the breakfast plate is a tiny 8" across

Small water goblet and champagne flute is by Princess House

Silver fork ("Marguerite" by Gorham Silver) sits on a small, ornate, vintage napkin

There is a tiny air vent in the dome to let steam out

The tiny, individual coffee pot is barely 6" tall

You can see the ornate rim on the bread and butter plate

One last look
Where is came from:
Lace Placemat - from Lentz Department Store (yes, we still have a department store in Humboldt County) in Ferndale, CA
Green Underlay Napkin - Years and years old
Dinnerware - by Carl Schumann Porcelain Company from eBay
Flatware - "Marguerite" by Gorham Silver (Pat's collection)
Glassware - by Princess House
Vintage Napkin - gift from our Cousin Trev

We will be joining Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" this Wednesday night:


  1. What a gorgeous pattern. You have some lovely pieces. Thanks for sharing your table for one.

  2. Gorgeous. That is the same blank that Schuman Dresden is on. Also the same flowers. If you send replacements a picture, they should be able to identify it for you. I have done that one numerous occasions. Most of the time, they have an answer! Good luck. This is stunning. I love love this color and the table is really inviting. xo marlis

  3. Beautiful...I absolutely love the china. I can see why you like it so much!

  4. Pat & Katie,
    Elegant china!!!
    Exquisite breakfast table for one!!!

  5. Oh my, this is just gorgeous! I'm going to search ebay for a set too, maybe I'll get lucky!
    I love this table, it is elegant and serene...sometimes perfect for a party of one!
    Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!