Monday, March 17, 2014

Sweet Pink Table for One

Yesterday was a great Sunday!!! No torrential rainstorm - no 6.9 earthquake. Nothing but calm, dry, and peaceful. Last Sunday was a roller coaster. We had a record breaking rain storm in the morning and a 6.9 earthquake in the evening. It was "special." But that's all over. Everyone is safe, dry, and ready for the next big adventure.....hopefully less "exciting."

Here's the table that Pat came up with to celebrate:
The weather is a little dreary today but to be honest - after last Sunday, it's really nice......sorry the picture is dark.

We have had the flatware for a long time but have never used it. I don't have a clue to the pattern name.

Pat used a vintage linen napkin in a simple fold since the pattern on the plate was so busy

You can't see from the picture but the charger is actually a Depressionware Sandwich plate. It is called "Monax" American Sweetheart by McBeth-Evans and has a gorgeous pattern on it.

Pat layered this beautiful lace placemat with a soft pink linen one to add more color

Glassware is "Royal Pierpoint" by Noritake

Pat made a simple silk flower arrangement in a frosted ice cream sundae dish

One last look
Where it came from:
Table - "Keeran Bistro" Single size table from Pier 1
Lace Placemat - from Lentz Department Store (a fabulous local store that features linens of all kinds)
Pink Flatware - from eBay (pattern unknown)
White Charger - "Monax" American Sweetheart by McBeth-Evans Glass (Depressionware) from eBay
Dinnerware - "Rose Chintz" by Johnson Brothers from Replacements
Napkin - Vintage linen from our collection
Glassware - "Royal Pierpoint" by Noritake
Flower "Vase" - frosted Ice Cream Sundae bowl from the cupboard
Salt/Pepper and Tray - Depressionware from our collection

We will be joining:
Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this Thursday:


  1. I love the Rose Chintz pattern! This is one of my favorite tables because I am a pink girl! So pretty!

  2. Lovely! Pink is my favorite. That flatware is GAWGEOUS!

    I am really inspired by the one table setting idea since I have passed up so many beautiful things b/c they were so limited in quantity. Thinking I can use them like a quilt when I want to showcase a few at a time- maybe with a quilt!

  3. Love the pretty, feminine table. The plates are gorgeous and so is the stemware!