Monday, August 5, 2013

Globe Import Dishes - Something Different

Unless you lived in Humboldt County, CA many years ago, you probably never heard of Globe Imports. It was a treasure of all kinds of merchandise - nothing really expensive, nothing highly sought after, nothing "trendy", just great stuff for all ages. You could find toys, dishes, pottery, clothes, baskets, food, crafts, everything and anything. Better than Cost Plus/World Market any time. It was a sad day when the doors closed. Locals still talk about the great stuff to be found there.....

Well, anyway, long before the doors closed for good (having my dish addiction at an early age....), I purchased some "oriental-style" dishware. Then they sat. For well over thirty years.....until yesterday when Pat pulled them out of the cupboard and set a table for one.
Over view of the table

The place setting - Pat actually used a small tray (that was designed to hold the teapot and cup) as a dinner plate/liner for the soup bowl.

The Jade tree was a gift from our brother to our Mother over forty years ago

This small tray is actually for egg rolls

One last look

Flatware......just in case the chop sticks aren't working so well.....
Where it came from:
Bamboo Placemat - Pier 1 years ago
All Oriental-style Dishware - Globe Imports
Chop Sticks - local Supermarket
Navy Blue Napkin - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Bamboo Flatware - Shafer's Hardware (a locally owned hardware store that still has all the great stuff old fashion hardware stores used to have)
Jade Tree Arrangement - Our Mother's (a gift from our brother when he was stationed in Japan in 1969-1970)

We will be joining Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" this Wednesday:


  1. Oh I love these pieces. You let them sit for 30 years??? not really, right? Does that set have the rice grains in the china? How wonderful whether it does or doesn't. I can see a beautiful clear soup with lemongrass, some chicken, fresh veggies.. oh this is a great table.. Xo marlis

  2. I'm like Marlis, you haven't used these lovely dishes? They are charming and certainly set a beautiful table. Pull those dishes out and start planning some meals to compliment this great set of dishes. '-)

  3. So Mom bought me a set of this rice china when she lived in Okinawa. I love it and your setting is so complimentary for the pattern. Love your Jade tree too! Just beautiful!
    Miss Bloomers

  4. I love your Oriental dishes and tablescape. Pretty!...Christine

  5. This is very the china.