Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monkey BusinessTable for One

Pat should know better than to dare me to buy a dish, or anything else for that matter, that both of us think is (can I say) ugly? And then to say that she wouldn't have it in her house.....that's just an invitation for a sister to make sure she has it. That's how we came to own the "Monkey" pattern by American Atelier.

Needless to say, Pat is the proud owner of eight dinner plates and eight salad plates in this "lovely" pattern. (She used to pick on me all the time when we were little - this my revenge!!!) So, Pat, here's to you. And I think that you did a pretty good job on this week's "Table for One" knowing how much you love the pattern......
Pat couldn't bring herself to use the salad plate and dinner plate that went with it together in the place setting, so she substituted Fiestaware.

A chocolate Fiesta dinner plate holds an Ivory Fiesta luncheon plate beneath the Monkey salad plate

Flatware is the very popular "Bamboo" by Cambridge

There are four different "poses" of monkeys on these plates.

An Ivory Fiesta Luncheon plate

Chocolate Fiesta Dinner plate

Glassware is "Expresso" by Lenox (a gift from my niece - much nicer than the one I gave her Mother)

Pat is the proud owner of only one mug

Pat used a simple centerpiece - greenery wrapped around a large brown candle and bananas....
This is the actual Monkey dinner plate that goes with the Monkey salad plate - not bad by itself.

But together???? Pat and I both think it is a little "over the top" busy

One last look
Where it came from:
Tablecloth - from Pat
Sage Green Placemat - from Pier 1 two or three years ago
Fiestaware - from Macy's
Monkey Plate - from "Tailwagger's" (a local thrift shop where all proceeds go to the support of a no-kill animal sanctuary)
Monkey Dinner Plate - found on eBay and at
Flatware - "Bamboo" from Ross
Glassware - "Expresso" by Lenox (a gift from my niece)

We will be joining Christine's "Table It!" at Rustic & Refined this Monday:

We will also be joining Susan's "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:


  1. This table and your description made me laugh! I have to agree with Pat about the dishes, especially because I am not fond of monkeys and apes (too much like humans for comfort, in my opinion). Even so, I think the table is lovely! I love that bamboo flatware and the brown glassware, and Pat's centerpiece is perfect. The monkey dinner plate is actually quite attractive, and not just because there are no monkeys on it. You know, I have seen dinnerware with creepy insect and even snake patterns... just sayin', in case you are looking for new tablescape inspiration (maybe for Halloween?).

  2. I can see why this pattern isn't your fav at all. Not a big monkey fan, that said, you did a great job and it's pretty darn cute with the bananas!

  3. My older siblings teased me, too - "Mary, look in the mirror. See the monkey?"
    I love the glassware - is that Expresso or Espresso (like the coffee)? Thanks for another fun table.

  4. Wonderful, whimsical, love it. Sorry, not typing too much...rotator surgery.

  5. I love this, those monkey plates are so cute and fun!