Monday, February 24, 2014

Academy Awards Celebration Table for One

What a great way to fill an evening - by watching an award winning movie (or one that you think should have won an award) enjoying some fresh popcorn and a soft drink. Pat designed this week's table with the Academy Awards in mind:
Over view of the table - the theme is red and white

The place setting

The tumbler is "Red Candy Stripe" by Hazel Atlas Glass Co. The other is a high in fructose, laden with calories, bad for you, rots your teeth soft drink but it does have a red and white label (anything for a tablescape.....)

Pat chose the perfect flower vase for a movie night

OK - so this a butter loaded, salt filled. get stuck in your teeth, non-nutritious snack....but slurrrrp!" I love popcorn!

Yes - another secret is out.......I love old movies (so does Pat). Tonight's movie? "Random Harvest" starring Ronald Colman (be still my beating heart) or the comedy/spy Walter Matthau movie "Hopscotch." Pat put the John Wayne movie on the table for fans of his non-Military, non-Western movies. (There probably aren't that many.....only me.)

Where it came from:
Red Placemat - Bed, Bath, and Beyond several years ago
Square White Dinner Plate - Whiteware from Target
Red Salad Plate and Square Popcorn Bowl - "The Cellar" Whiteware from Macy's years ago (yes, it's red, I know, but that's what it is called)
White Square Liner - "Home Café" from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Red Bowl - "Fun Factory" by Waechtersbach from Replacements
Striped Glass - by Hazel Atlas Glass Co. from eBay
Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Flatware - by Hampton Silversmiths from Pier 1

We will be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this Thursday:

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  1. This is a fun table and just perfect for the Academy Awards night! I love movies and popcorn!!