Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Breakfast Tablescape

With just a few changes, any tablescape can take on a totally different look. Using the same dishes as last time, we took away the pink Depressionware and replaced it with green. The dinner and salad plate are the same pattern, but the look of the entire table has changed.
Over view of the table
Close up of the place setting
These fabulous green Depressionware footed tumblers are from the Tiffin Glass Company
Modern napkin ring in lime green, yellow and blue add an updated look
Tiny yellow flowers in a Cris d'Arques Longchamp vase
Easter candy tucked in a small cloche
Coffee cup and saucer are in the Spiral pattern from Hocking Glass (1928-1930)
Inexpensive lime green flatware is by Cambridge
The five piece place setting
Breakfast setting includes individual salt and pepper shaker for use
This great piece is a Preserve jar in the Spiral pattern (by Hocking Glass - 1928-1930)
One last look....
Where does it all come from:
Green Checked Placemat and Napkin:  Pier 1
Green Depressionware:  Spiral by Hocking Glass Company from personal collection, eBay, Replacements
Green Flatware:  by Cambridge from Ross
White Dinner and Salad Plate:  Pier 1
Napkin Ring:  Pier 1
Cloche:  Ross
Bunnies:  Tuesday Morning
Longchamp Vase:  by Cris d'Arques from Gottschalk's (a local Department store out of business)
Individual Salt and Pepper Shaker:  eBay

FYI:  Spiral by Hocking Glass is one of the most available patterns from the Depression era. It's easily found on eBay and at reasonable prices.

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